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Covid 19 Update

Covid-19 and Your Upcoming Event

As we all stay home waiting for this pandemic to get under control, we have to question what to do about the upcoming weddings for the next few months. We are in an unprecedented time of social distancing. The closest comparison we might have would be the Spanish Flu of 1918.

We have some suggested steps to take in the event you have to postpone your date.

First is to stay home and stay calm. Your health is your number one priority. This will pass and we will all be celebrating your big day together.

Second, start to talk to your venue about availability for a new date. Try to get a few dates to choose from if possible. This will give you a better chance of all your other vendors being available.

Lastly, bring all your vendors in to the loop with the possible dates. Availability is going to be the hardest part for some. Larger companies might have another staff member available if your particular person is not available. Smaller companies might be only one person and have a harder time with availability. This is why getting multiple dates from the vendor is key.

We wish everyone the best of health during this and thank you for supporting small business that are the engine of the wedding industry.